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Our study abroad and immigration service guides and consults students and adults all around the globe. With loads of available resources and an extensive network of connections, we will walk you through the process by providing valuable information, making sure that you transition to your new college and dreamland seamlessly.

Our Services

University Admission Consulting

Students all around the world aspire to earn a degree from the UK, USA and Canada primarily due to the countries' rich cultural exposure and top-notch educational standards. Most of the students who long for a quality education in these countries, do not have the right resources and expert advice on the matter. More so, Misleading information, lack of clear planning and unavailability of expert advice leads to sheer disappointment and frustrations among young students. This is where we come in.

Helping International Students to Higher Education

We are ready to provide you with a precise plan and ensure that your application stands out from the rest. With us, you get to interact with our councilors, enabling you to make informed decisions and make the right choice for your future. Our counseling sessions act as comprehensive guides on various issues related to the admission to US colleges and universities.

Other services

  • University and College Placement
  • Housing and Travel Assistance
  • Visa Application

If you are one of those students who are struggling with figuring out where to start, what route to take, which universities to apply and how to apply for?


RISLC has outstanding connections with many universities and ready to set up with the right one for you.
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Successful Stories

- Alban W.

RISLC helped me to feel more confident about approaching new challenges. The staff at RISLC were fantastic and helped me through my studies, every step of the way. Thanks for helping me achieve my dream and study in USA.

- Bryan A.

Extremely satisfied with the service provided and everything is more than perfect. They helped me with all the steps to get into college. Also, they assisted me at the airport and helped me find accommodations in CANADA from supported agencies.